Nevada Assembly Bill 474

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New prescribing requirements have been established from the Nevada 2017 legislative session (AB 474 and SB 59).

Background of the new law:

The Basics:

The bill has five (5) major requirements Nevada Physicians (including residents) and Physician Assistants need to know:
  1. Two units of CME per licensing cycle required for all licensed prescribers: misuse, abuse of controlled substances, prescribing of opioids or addiction- may satisfy ethics and general requirements.
  2. Mandated Registry and Use of PMP: Every initial Prescription and every 90 days during course of treatment.  All licensed prescribers must self-query every 6 months.
  3. New Prescriptions Requirements: All RXs for Controlled Substances must include: Patient’s DOB, ICD-10 code, minimum number of days to consume the prescribed medication, prescriber’s DEA license must be clearly identified.
  4. New Prescribing Guidelines for Controlled Substances.   
  5. COMING IN 2018 – Overdose Reporting NOT required on January 1, 2018 but coming soon. NSMA will continue to track this progress.

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