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The CASAT Conversations podcast is a resource for exploring behavioral health topics. These topics explore the complex connection between how our environment, behaviors and actions impact our health and wellbeing. With a wide-range of timely topics, CASAT Conversations is geared towards having meaningful conversations with people sharing their capacity for personal growth and change, along with expert educational insights.

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Our Learning Labs are collections of curated references for each behavioral health topic to help increase subject literacy, knowledge, skills, and overall competence in providing high-quality, cutting-edge services.

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Recent Posts

The Need for Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

The Need for Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness “We want to ensure that trauma survivors can safely observe and tolerate the range of their experience.”  - David A. Treleaven Mindfulness meditation is widely recognized as an effective mental training technique for a variety of mental disorders (i.e., depression, anxiety, and addiction). While mindfulness meditation practice may be supportive… Continue Reading CASAT OnDemand

7 Questions Answered about EMDR

7 Questions Answered about EMDR With the vast number of people who have experienced at least one traumatic event in their life (which is estimated to be 60% of the population) it is important to have several effective trauma-focused treatments. In 2015, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) coined the term “person-centered, trauma-informed” or PCTI.… Continue Reading CASAT OnDemand

What linguistics, philosophy, and science taught me about growth in the aftermath of trauma.

What Linguistics, Philosophy, and Science Taught Me about Growth in the Aftermath of Trauma For over two decades I have been observing, contemplating, studying, and analyzing one specific human behavior – survivorship. Specifically, what enhances resilience and brings forth growth after adversity and trauma. Long ago, I stopped researching if one becomes better and stronger… Continue Reading CASAT OnDemand

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