Lions and Tigers and Bears – MI! New On the CASAT Podcast Network

Lions and Tigers and Bears – MI! New On the CASAT Podcast Network

Motivational Interviewing (MI) and how to become a Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) trainer was the topic of the Catalyst blog’s first post, So You Want to be a Motivational Interviewing (MI) Trainer!, while a guest article by Jennifer Hettema, PhD more fully described the formal application process for becoming a MINT trainer in How Can a Professional Become a MINT Trainer?. MI and its principles were thoroughly defined and described in the later article (and subsequent update) UPDATED: Motivational Interviewing: The One Tool Every Behavioral Health Provider Needs. In that article, you can read that while developed originally for those with alcohol use disorder (AUD) and substance use disorders (SUDs), MI has been widely adapted and is used by behavioral health and healthcare providers for a variety of behavioral health disorders and health issues. If you are wondering more about MI but have less time than ever for being tied to a book or a computer screen, hold on to your hats! Now there is a fun and easy way to learn more about MI from fellow professionals while on the go, by listening to podcasts on a new channel of the CASAT Podcast Network.

Lions and Tigers and Bears-MI!

Lions and Tigers and Bears-MI! is comprised of conversations between Amy Shanahan, MS, CADS and Paul Warren, BFA, LMSW, MINT, two practitioners with a shared passion for MI that will get you excited about the wide range of possibilities for MI whether you are already practicing it or are a newcomer to this clinical approach. Their easy rapport as they enthusiastically share experiences that illustrate MI techniques and skills makes listening informational and fun while providing plenty of fuel for later reflection. These are two professionals that you can relate to, and because they come from different backgrounds and experiences of applying MI, listeners will hear discussions that provide plenty of substance, a wide range of perspectives, and make each episode a thought-provoking learning experience.

The MI podcast series will consist of a total of 12 episodes. So far four episodes have been published at the rate of about one per month and are available for your listening pleasure:

  • Episode 1 – In the first episode of the podcast series, Lions and Tigers and Bears MI!, Amy and Paul explore what MI is and what MI is not, how feedback is a large part of practicing MI, and more!
  • Episode 2I’m already doing MI… right?! – In this episode, Paul and Amy talk about how MI is deceptively simple and review the MITI four Global Measures.
  • Episode 3MI Spirit- A Way of Being – In this episode, Paul and Amy discuss the MI spirit as an active way of being that is not as elusive as it may sound. They review the measurability of behaviors partnership, acceptance, compassion, and evocation (PACE).
  • Episode 4Evoking Change Talk – In episode 4, Paul and Amy talk about how to intentionally evoke change talk and soften sustain talk.

The series is geared towards the wide range of behavioral health providers and will also be very useful for anyone who is using Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) or who is doing screenings for substance use or other disorders. Listening to the MI podcasts can be useful for individuals interested in learning more about MI or as a way to review MI terminology, concepts, and techniques. The series would also be great for listening to as a group of colleagues simply to spark discussion of each podcast’s content or for clinical supervision or professional development. One of the features that distinguishes this podcast series from others is that listeners can email questions or suggest topics on the podcast website to Questions will be answered both by email and during upcoming podcasts. Podcasts can be heard on the CASAT Podcast Network, or on Spotify at Lions and Tigers and Bears MI!.

And just in case you have the idea that podcasts are a frivolous waste of time, read the blog post Listen to a Podcast: It’s Good for Your Brain! To learn that listening to podcasts is becoming the most popular and enjoyable way to learn as well as to be entertained. In fact, listening to podcasts is something that at least 55% of people above the age of 12 years do and 74% say their number one reason for doing it is “to learn new things.” Research finds that listening to podcasts, like listening to narrative stories, stimulates the brains of those who listen, releasing dopamine of adrenaline and endorphins, depending on what you listen to. The popularity of podcasts is one reason the CASAT Podcast network has become so popular. The other reason might be because there is so much to listen to with the following podcast channels:

  • Lions Tigers and Bears MI – Professional discussions about the intricacies of MI to increase skills and improve client relationships.
  • CASAT Conversations – A resource for exploring behavioral health topics, CASAT Conversation’s first Season was created for first responders, their families, and intimate partners to help handle stress and build resilience within the family by hearing the personal stories of people just like them.
  • Pack Chats – Candid conversations with students at the University of Nevada as the share their stories about subjects college students deal with but that rarely get talked about.
  • Pack N Recovery – a podcast made by people in recovery, for people in recovery. Nevada’s Recovery and Prevention (NRAP) is a collegiate recovery community located on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. This podcast is designed to help students go from surviving to thriving, by discussing resources located on the UNR campus, tips on sustaining recovery, success stories and ways to support those in recovery.

Trainings, Resources, and Links

Training opportunities relevant to MI can be found on the CASAT Learning website by searching for Motivational Interviewing. Periodically checking back on the website is advised as new workshops are added frequently.

MI resources can also be found on the CASAT OnDemand website under Resources & Downloads, Learning Labs (for a deep dive into specific topics), and the Community Events Calendar for upcoming events and workshops.

MI-related articles can be found on the Catalyst Blog page under the Motivational Interviewing Category. Check back frequently for new blog posts or subscribe to the “Catalyst Blog” to receive notifications of new blog posts each week. Current MI-related articles include:

Motivational Interviewing to Activate Change in Ambivalent Clients: Is it Right for You? – Find out about the research that shows just how effective MI is for a variety of behaviors such as smoking cessation, weight loss, alcohol use, and cholesterol control. Learn that MI can be used for a variety of ethnic groups, age groups, and in both treatment and prevention settings.

Do you have a favorite podcast channel or episode on the CASAT Podcast Network? Mine is Episode 3- MI Spirit- A Way of Being in the Lions and Tigers and Bears MI! series. Please share your favorite – or your thoughts – in the comments below!

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