Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Toolkit

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The Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition (NMHEC), housed within the UNLV School of Public Health, is a partnership of academic, civic, private and community organizations that aim to address health disparities and inequality in Nevada. The coalition recently published a toolkit on building partnerships in community-based participatory research approach (CBPR). The toolkit offers a step-by-step guide to implementing CBPR. Community-Based Participatory Research is a collaborative and equitable approach to research that is carried out in partnership between researchers and the community. In CBPR, both the researchers and the community have an equal share of power, decision-making, and responsibility of the research being done.  

Who should use this toolkit?

This toolkit is intended for stakeholders interested in conducting health equity research or projects with a focus on building and sustaining community partnerships as a collaborative effort to address health disparities. Stakeholders may include community members; community-based organizations; academic researchers; local, state, and federal partners; faith-based leaders; policymakers; or those committed to achieving health equity.

A digital copy of the toolkit is available to download for free on the NMHEC website: