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The following resources and links are relevant to Guns and Mental Health are provided for your  convenience.

  • The Behavioral Science of Firearms  – This book focuses on applying behavioral science principles and knowledge to inform and improve firearm-related policy, practice, and research. The authors provide comprehensive coverage of relevant case law and legal statutes, as well as issues pertaining to violence, suicide, and gun safety. Additional topics include civilian firearm ownership suitability; considerations for relevant professions (such as the military, law enforcement, and corrections); self-care; and more. Concepts are presented via a best-practices model that promotes empirically-supported decision-making. Drawing on a range of arenas such as psychology, sociology, criminal justice, and law, The Behavioral Science of Firearms is an essential resource for a wide readership, including practitioners, institutional and law enforcement personnel, legislators, and academicians and students in fields such as psychology, criminal justice, and public health. Citation: Pirelli, G., Wechsler, H., & Cramer, R. J. (2018). The Behavioral Science of Firearms: A Mental Health Perspective on Guns, Suicide, and Violence. Oxford University Press USA – OSO.
  • At the Intersection of Guns and Mental Health: The Introductory Course – This free cultural competence course in firearms for healthcare workers is provided by Walk the Talk America, a non-profit organization whose mission is “Through formal education, outreach, and engagement with the mental health and firearms communities, Walk the Talk America aspires to reduce firearm suicides and other negative incidents associated with firearms ownership.”


  • Guns and Mental Health Podcast – Guns and Mental Health by Walk the Talk America
    This podcast is described as “An honest and comprehensive discussion about guns and mental health. Two highly stigmatized cultures that have long stood across from each other, refusing to collaborate whenever tragedy strikes. That trend ends now. For firearms owners, clinicians, and the curious public.”


  • Take a free mental health screening – In partnership with Mental Health America, Walk the Talk America offers free, anonymous online mental health screenings. These can be used to get a quick snapshot of your mental health. These screenings are not a diagnosis, but a starting point of helpful information  to share with a health care provider for a full assessment.



  • Nevada Peer Support Network Inc. – The Nevada Peer Support Network Inc. mission …”is to provide quality mental health resources and support to our first-responders and hospital health care professionals so they may live the very best lives possible on and off duty”. 



  • Warrior by Dr. Shauna Springer – This book provides insights into the world of those in the military, the struggles they face, and how people can best support them. 



  • PsychArmor – “Our mission is to educate a nation by providing critical resources to Americans so they can effectively engage with and support military service members, Veterans, and their families.”


  • BulletPoints – BulletPoints is a resource on firearm injury prevention designed for medical and mental health clinicians and educators. 


  • Firearms Storage For Those In Need – “Hold My Guns’ mission is to connect responsible firearm owners with voluntary, private off-site storage options, through our national network of partnering gun shops and FFLs, during times of mental health crisis or personal need.”