Problem Gambling Toolkit

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This Problem Gambling Toolkit was developed by the National Hispanic and Latino ATTC and PTTC and includes the following resources:

Fact Sheets on Gambling Awareness in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Podcast ¡Latinos Con Voz!

Problem Gambling Awareness Episodes (available in English and Portuguese)

English Episode

  • This English episode of Latinos Con Voz podcast, Dr. Susie Villalobos interviews Tana Russell from the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling.

Portuguese Episode

  • Portuguese Episode of Latinos Con Voz podcast. **This is episode is only available in Portuguese ** Priscila Giamassi entrevista a Dra. Anna Carolina Ramos emu ma conversa esclarecedora sobre dependências, com foco em jogo problemático.


Problem Gambling 


Problem Gambling 

Resources in partnership with the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling

Connections Podcast

  • Latino Advocacy – Heart and Community  Latina leader and researcher, Dr. Susie Villalobos, joins this Connections episode. She is the Director of the National Hispanic Latino Addiction and Prevention Technology Transfer Centers, and host of the “¡Latinos Con Voz!” podcast. She gets real about what led her to this work, how she uncovers the needs of Latino communities, and the incredible teamwork that goes into the heart-driven dedication of making it happen.


  • Reflections of Diverse Views on Mental Health Equity A recorded live-streamed community event celebrating diversity, inclusion, and mental health equity during 2021 National Hispanic Heritage Month. Special guests will help address issues around Access to Care; Barriers; Cultural Norms and Traditions; and Gambling in Latinx Communities: