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Use the flyer, infographic, short video, and web badges to promote MATx on your website or in your community. These tools are from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Servicies (SAMHSA).

Download and share the flyer, Introducing MATx (PDF | 264 KB). It promotes features that will benefit practitioners, including:

-Steps to become certified to prescribe MAT medications
-Information about MAT medications
-Clinical support tools
-Easy access to helplines and more

Download and share the MATx infographic, “Checklist for Prescribing Medication for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder” (PDF | 256 KB). It provides a list of action items to help guide practitioners through the process, from assessment through referral.

Animated GIF
Download and share the MATx animated GIF (GIF | 3.75 MB). It highlights the MATx goal—Empower practitioners to provide effective, evidence-based care to people receiving MAT for an opioid use disorder.

Web Badges
Display these badges on your website and link directly to MATx. You can download the image file or copy the HTML code and paste it into the code for your site.

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