September 13, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Virtual Event
CASAT Learning

The New Face of Anxiety: Treating Anxiety Disorders in the Age of Texting, Social Media and 24/7 Internet Access: LIVE WEBINAR

Texting rather than talking. Gathering “likes” and followers. Making friends via a gaming console. Unrelenting 24/7 news cycles. Ready or not, the rise of social media, and 24/7 Internet access has changed the way we relate to one another (and ourselves), leaving in its wake a whole new set of challenges for those who use it.

As therapists, you see people of all ages with these issues:

The girl with low self-esteem as she compares herself to Instagram influencers. The boy who isn’t sleeping after reading messages. The challenge of separating reality from image on social media. The socially anxious young adult who struggles to meet people in person because all of his “friends” are online. The parent who has to contend with “Facebook shaming” for every parenting decision. The older adult who feels out of touch and disconnected. The impact is rampant and pervasive – as a result, treatment of anxiety doesn’t look the same anymore.

Attend this unique and engaging webinar to learn innovative ways to treat this new facet of anxiety with today’s client. You’ll discover:

  • Why the use of social media and Internet creates brain based craving and confusion
  • How excessive screen time affects mood, anxiety and self-worth in clients of all ages
  • Tools to help clients regulate their emotions and make wise decisions (on and offline)
  • Innovative techniques for promoting healthy use of technology with clients
  • Deliberate strategies for managing time, device use and “information overload”

Presented by: Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D.

Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D., is a coach and therapist, an author, and an international trainer and speaker on topics related to psychotherapy for anxiety and depression, stress management, and optimizing anxiety for achievement. She is a practicing psychologist, and has been a trainer of therapists for 30 years. She is a sought-after speaker for continuing education seminars, consistently getting the highest ratings from participants for her dynamic style and high-quality content. Her individualized coaching for panic, worry and social anxiety has helped professionals from entrepreneurs to corporate executives, from sales personnel to IT specialists.

Dr. Wehrenberg is a frequent contributor to the award-winning Psychotherapy Networker magazine and has produced Relaxation for Tension and Worry, an audio file for breathing, muscle relaxation, and imagery to relax. Digital, audio and DVD versions of her training are available for obtaining CEU’s. She has 10 books on topics of anxiety and depression published by W.W. Norton, and a workbook, Stress Solutions, published by PESI.

Continuing Education Units: 3 CEUs


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