September 30, 2021 all-day
Virtual Event

International Recovery Day, Inc.

International Recovery Day connects the dots between all folks in recovery ~ from all recovery pathways ~ all around the globe ~ all in one day: September 30th.

Until now, recovery communities have been limited to uniting and celebrating recovery by holding local rallies, walks, and other events. Through the use of the Internet we can now bridge the geographical and time zone barriers, allowing us to join all folks in recovery from all addictions, including all recovery pathways – all around the globe – all on the same day. International Recovery Day, Inc. invites you to join our International Recovery Day community worldwide by registering on this site. They will then send you a token by email that will allow you to launch your own virtual firework on September 30th, 2021. Later on, they will send you a reminder to go online September 30th and watch for yourself as you launch your firework into the sky – to be joined by countless others in recovery launching their own fireworks from all around the globe.

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International Recovery Day, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting recovery efforts worldwide.


Recover Out Loud

Recover Out Loud is a nationwide recovery initiative—supported by iHeart Media and Variety—and produced by Mobilize Recovery. From community engagement to a livestream concert event in recognition of International Recovery Day and National Recovery Month, Recover Out Loud celebrates our commitment to fighting addiction and supporting recovery in America. Major philanthropic support for the event is provided by Google, YouTube, the Sandgaard Foundation, and Victoria’s Voice Foundation.

The “Recover Out Loud” concert will be streamed on iHeart’s Facebook and YouTube channels on International Recovery Day on Sept. 30.  MacklemoreKT Tunstall, Evvie McKinney, Daphne Willis and The Residency will perform to help raise awareness around addiction and recovery.

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Mobilize Recovery is an initiative of the Recovery Advocacy Project and The Voices Project. Its mission is to expand policy to support recovery, create connections to supportive services that are vital and lifesaving, and to engage affected individuals in meaningful community action. The initiative convenes advocates with lived experience to build capacity for organized civic engagement with new leadership across the country.

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