October 2, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
UNR Redfield Campus
18600 Wedge Parkway
NV 89511
CASAT Training

Presented By: Theresa B. Skaar, MA

Theresa B. Skaar, M.A., is a Ph.D candidate in the Interdisciplinary Social Psychology program at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and a UMASS Center for Mindfulness Qualified (MBSR) Instructor. She currently teaches Topics and Careers in Aging to undergraduate students. Theresa focuses on connection, communication and mindfulness in her research. Specifically, she explores sensitive topics such as grief, aging, and death and dying. Professors, organizations, and healthcare professionals have invited Theresa to teach and lead sessions on these topics. Theresa is passionate about connection, and the experiences that we all share that can be difficult to talk about. For example, death is a common denominator of being human. Because of this shared, yet infrequently discussed part of life, Theresa is committed to bringing light to these challenging topics. In all of these conversations, she brings her extensive mindfulness training. Her education in this area includes MBSR, mindful eating, and mindful leadership. Theresa is deeply interested in sharing mindfulness practices with others. She leads a monthly meditation group, teaches MBSR, and mindfulness meditation to organizations. When she’s not speaking, teaching, or learning – she enjoys rousing Skip-Bo matches and road trips with her husband Charlie and their dog Oscar. She maintains her own meditation and mindfulness practice by attending retreats, yoga sessions, and continuously tweaking her morning ritual.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 6

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