October 20, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 9:30 am
Virtual Event
Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling

Is there such a thing as Investing Gambling?  This question has been asked a multitude of times, in a plethora of ways with a superfluity of different answers.  And it’s still being asked.  This presentation offers a perspective based on the growing Convergence of Investing and Gambling in today’s Digital World.  Sports are not Gambling but Sports Gambling is.  What if Investing was not Gambling but Investing Gambling was?  Bring your Opinion and Let’s Talk.


  1. Identify and discuss definitions and terminology that are applicable to both Investing and Gambling and can help answer the question of why Sky Diving could be considered A Gamble but Walking Out of The Door every morning is Not A Gamble.
  2. Define and discuss current definitions of Gambling that incorporate a combination of Chance and Skill that could be applied from Slot Machine Gambling to Sports Gambling to Investment Gambling and other forms of Gambling in-between.
  3. Investigate and apply facts and realities about Day Trading, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Non-FungibleTokens and how they intensify the Convergence of Gambling and Investing.


Doug LaBelle, LCSW, ICGC-II, CEAP, is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois and Wisconsin, International Certified Gambling Counselor II, Certified Employee Assistance Professional, and a Trainer with the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling. He has over 34 years’ experience as an administrator, clinician, trainer, and presenter. Doug has worked with organizations, groups, individuals, and families impacted by Behavioral Health Disorders including Substance Use Disorders and Gambling Disorder and is currently working as an Independent Consultant, EAP Professional, Presenter, and Trainer with a specialty in Gambling and Gambling Disorder.

This event has been approved for 1.5 CEUs by the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling.

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