FREE 4-week Stories of Living & Healing Workshop Series

April 5, 2022 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Virtual Event
The Center Foundation and Cancer Community Clubhouse | Contact: Matt Zytkoskee, PhD
(831) 332-4978

The next four-week session of Stories of Living & Healing, will take place on Zoom on Tuesdays April 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th  from 6:30 – 8pm. The series is totally funded by the Cancer Community Clubhouse (many thanks!!), so it is free of charge.

Stories of Illness & Healing

Traditionally, talking about one’s illness was often viewed as “wallowing in self-pity” and survivors were encouraged “to move on” as quickly as possible. Based on a wealth of research from psychology and medicine, we now understand that having a safe space to write and share one’s stories is incredibly healing and helps us turn those experiences into sources of strength—sometimes called “wounded healing.” More specifically, it provides an opportunity for a person to release challenging emotions, process uncertainty, honor life’s journeys, and build meaningful community. Please join us for this four-part workshop series during which we will dive into experiences with illness and healing through a range of guided journaling, creative nonfiction techniques, and the writing of a significant story from your life. Regardless of the type of challenges you’ve faced or the specific pathways that have (or have not) led you to healing, you are welcome! No writing experience necessary.

About the Facilitator

Dr. Matt Zytkoskee has taught writing in university and community settings since 2007 and focuses his work upon the use of writing as a therapeutic practice. Though it’s the last type of training he ever wanted, he is also an assault survivor and widower and has used the power of story to find healing in his own life. You can find examples of his work at: Please feel free to reach out to him with any questions!

If you are interested, you can check out the calendar and RSVP through this link:

Feel free to reach out to Matt directly with any questions or to RSVP.

Many thanks,

Adrian Matt Zytkoskee, PhD
Founder/Facilitator Writing-Healing LLC
(831) 332-4978