Anger Management (Reno)

October 4, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
UNR Redfield Campus
18600 Wedge Parkway
NV 89511
CASAT Training

Anger is a fundamental human emotion that rarely appears alone. How we think and feel about anger, as well as how we express and respond to it, are the critical issues at hand. If we are to address one emotion, we are better served by addressing all of them and figuring out what they mean to our clients and how they help clients define and live productive lives. This workshop will combine current research with the basics to help behavioral health professionals better understand their clients’ emotional processes, and work more effectively to help clients understand, identify, and make behavioral choices around their experiences of emotions, with anger as a central focus.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Be able to identify a range of human emotions and their adaptive functions
  • Develop an understanding of emotions and their relationship to violence, thus identifying various risk factors for violence
  • Develop an cursory knowledge of other potential causes of violence (e.g., substance use and medical conditions)
  • Learn about different ways to assess for violence, including biopsychosocial information as well as formal assessment instruments
  • Develop a range of skills and knowledge related to deescalating and treating anger

Presented By: Jennifer Ross, PhD, MFT

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 6